Clogged Toilet? Need Toilet Repair? Let Blue Collar Help You “Go with the Flow.”

Clogged toilet? Blue Collar Plumber can unclog toilet troubles.Whether you have a clogged toilet or need a new one, we offer toilet repair and replacement. We provide several types of toilets to fit everybody’s needs, whether for home or office.

For a family with young children, at times the toilet gets filled with too much toilet paper or doesn’t get properly flushed. Unwanted objects can certainly find their way into the toilet and result in a blocked toilet. Clogged toilets can be a part of everyday life.

Unclog Toilet with Pressure Assist

If this sounds like your house, you may want to consider a pressure assist toilet. These toilets have a very strong flush and require a lighter hand on the flush lever.

Getting everything down the drain is much easier and decreases the chances you’ll need to unclog the toilet.

Have a kid’s bathroom? Ask us about a short toilet just for them. No more need for a step stool that gets in the way, possibly causing tripping injuries. Potty training may become less arduous too!

ADA Compliant Toilets

For folks with mobility issues, a taller toilet can be very helpful. The ADA approved height is known as chair height, and is about 17 inches from the ground. If more height is needed, we can install an extended toilet seat that provides another inch or two.

blocked toilet? We can unclog toilet and handle toilet repair.

While we are at your home installing your new ADA compliant toilet, let us install a grab bar to assist getting up and down on the toilet.

The eco-friendlier choice of course would be a low-flow, dual flush toilet. Dual flush toilets have two flushes: one for liquids, and one for solids. There is less need for future toilet repairs. If you’re looking to save water and be kind to the environment, this is a great way to go.

We offer complete re-builds of any brand or style of toilet. Avoid unforeseen issues, such as a clogged or blocked toilet, on one of your most important fixtures. Dye tests and supply line tests will help you extend the life of your existing toilet.

Toilet stopped up? Unclog toilet service needed? Don’t get out the harsh chemicals, and don’t get your hands dirty! Call Blue Collar Plumbing and let the professionals do your dirty work. For a simple toilet auguring, we charge a flat rate of $165. In most cases, this will solve your issue.

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