Gas Fireplace Installation, Gas Stove Hookups and Other Household Gas Services

Gas fireplace installation, gas stove installation, even natural gas lines for grills… The gas system in your house falls under plumbing.  Whether it’s indoor and outdoor, for pleasure or everyday convenience, Blue Collar can handle your gas services.

Call us to install a gas line for stove, household furnace and water heaters. We can improve existing lines or install new ones.

There are several fun projects we can complete for using gas lines to your house. Want an outdoor fire pit that is safe and more predictable than traditional wood burning ones? Want to roast s’mores on the fire after your summer BBQ? Let us help make your outdoor pleasure easier and safe.

Natural Gas Line for Barbecue Grill

We provide gas fireplace installation, gas stove installation and other gas line services.

Let us install a natural gas line for your grill. Give the grilling chef a break. Gas grills are easier to start and to cook on. Best of all, we can connect it to the existing service to your house!

Gas is a warm and cozy heat. Ask us how we can help you stay warm on those winter nights with a gas fireplace installation. Just a flip of the switch and your fireplace lights up, offering the pleasure of warmth and ambiance.

We Install  Gas Lines for Stoves

If you are using an electric stove but want to switch to cooking with gas, stove installation is one of our specialties.

We'll install gas line for stove or natural gas line for grill.Your gas system also needs to be maintained and inspected periodically. Gas has obvious safety concerns if not maintained or installed properly. Let the professionals at Blue Collar Plumbing take care of this for you. Have peace of mind when using gas appliances or fixtures.

We work with both natural and propane gas. We install, repair and maintain the systems. Whatever you have, let us be your gas service team.

If PG&E has red-tagged your gas water heater or gas pipes for a leak, call us to inspect it for you. We will repair the leak, or bring it up to code and lift the red tag.

Call Blue Collar Plumbing to handle your household gas line project.

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