Fix Leaky Faucet? Replace Garbage Disposal? We Install and Repair All Fixtures.

Replace garbage disposal? Garbage disposal repair? Call us!We Will Fix or Replace Garbage Disposal

Time to replace garbage disposal? Is your garbage disposal jammed or just not doing its job anymore?

If the blades aren’t turning but there is still power to the unit, try the reset button. If that doesn’t work, it may be jammed, and you will need garbage disposal repair or replace the garbage disposal. Jams are a simple fix.

Fix garbage disposal? Can do!

Our plumbers will always show you how to fix the garbage disposal yourself next time. In fact, they will leave you with the special tool for the job!

A good garbage disposal can be an incredibly useful and convenient feature in your house. There are several different horse powers available. You can choose from a small efficient unit. Or choose a strong heavy duty disposal that can take care of almost any sink mess. Our preferred brand is Insinkerator because of their value and range of horse powers. Ask us for your options for garbage disposal repair or replacement.

Kitchen or Bathroom Faucet Repair or Replacements

When you need to fix a leaky faucet, we are skilled at faucet repairs. No reason to spend your weekends under the sink kinking your neck and back. We stand behind our work. It will not leak, or we will be back to check it.

Replace or fix leaky faucet? Can do!The sky is the limit when it comes to upgrading your kitchen or bathroom. Updating the faucet can provide an economic and rapid solution.

If a repair is not possible or an upgrade is desired, we offer our clients the “good, better or best” options. This means we can show you the most cost-effective faucet, the best value faucet, or the high-end faucet to meet your needs, wants or desires.

Perhaps you already have a fixture in mind. We are happy to install it for you. Our installation prices are affordable, and our service quick and efficient.

Many brands can be repaired! If you already love your faucet, or are not ready to upgrade yet, we can provide a repair quote. Many brands have great warranties already attached to their products, so saving on parts is easy.

Our favorite faucet brand is Moen. The Moen Company offers a wide range of faucets for all the rooms in your house. The quality, price, and beauty of their products is unmatched. You can rest assured with the lifetime warranty Moen offers on its products.

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