Blue Collar Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There are several things a customer should consider before hiring a plumbing professional.

Always ask yourself what is most important: price, value, or top quality, high end finishes. Check out online reviews, and then make several calls. The first impression you get on the phone can be a good indicator of how the rest of your service will go. If you feel unsure or uncomfortable with the quote/impression you get, get a second or third opinion. If you choose to hire us for your project, please know you will be in the hands of up-front, honest, professionals that truly love what they do.

Our favorite project is converting standard tanked water heaters to more efficient tankless water heaters. If the customer has either natural gas or propane hook-ups, we can make the switch easily! We use Noritz and Navien brands, which are two of the top brands used by plumbing professionals.

We use a flat rate price book that is customized for the area YOU live in. Our prices are fair and comparable to other similar companies in the area. We find customers do not appreciate being nickel and dimed. The flat rates allow us to accommodate for most unforeseen circumstances or variations while completing a job, without having to go back to the customer and tell them the job will cost more. Your quote will include labor, materials, and taxes with no surprises on the other end. We offer several options when pricing out materials: “good”, “better”, and “best,” so a customer can choose what is most important to them: price, value, or high-end fixtures or equipment.

We work with customers who have residential repair or replacement jobs that they want done by qualified, licensed, and honest professionals.

When a new customer calls or messages us through either Facebook or Yelp, the first person they will speak to is Alexis, our office manager. She starts by asking several questions that help her identify the customer’s needs and wants for their project. Alexis has a sound grasp on the plumbing services we provide. More often than not, she can give you a price for your job, or at least a range, right over the phone!

We believe in continuing education and expanding our knowledge so we can provide the highest quality and most up-to-date services in the plumbing trade. We attend courses at local supply shops put on by national companies as often as we can, as well as online training monthly. Ted, the owner of the company, is licensed by the State of California as a C-36 contractor (plumbing) and has over 7 years of experience in the plumbing trade. JD, our newest addition to the team has been in the plumbing industry for 5 plus years and is a workhorse!

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