From Simple Drain Stoppages to Full Sewer Cleaning… it’s Unclog. Drain. Relief!

Unclog drain? We do drain and sewer cleaning.If you have a sluggish or blocked sink, we can unclog the drain. Got a whole house backup? Blue Collar Plumbing has the proper equipment for a sewer line cleanout.

If a sink, toilet, tub, or shower is not draining, or is slow to drain, it generally means something is clogging the waste line. If it’s just one drain, the culprit is most likely a foreign object.

We can unclog a drain, whether it’s stopped with too much toilet paper, hair or even a child’s toy. We have seen it all!

Don’t worry, we carry no judgment with us into your house, only the right tool for the job. We will also tell you how to best avoid this problem in the future.

Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Got a clogged sewer line? Let us help with sewer line cleanout.The most common clog in either a bathroom sink or tub/shower drain is, of course, hair. We can’t help but lose hair in the shower. Over time, no matter how meticulously one removes the hair from the surface drain, at one point or another you will probably experience a clog due to hair.

The hair combines with soap, forming a large enough mass to clog or slow the drain. This may be a simple at home fix, but at times you can no longer get the hair out of the drain yourself. It is time to call a professional.

Give Blue Collar Plumbing a call before you have a clogged sewer line. We specialize in sewer cleaning. Or if you’re like many people and lead a very busy life, give us a call. We will respond quickly.

Avoiding toilet clogs is easy, but a few simple precautions are necessary. The number one rule is this: absolutely nothing should be flushed down your toilet except toilet paper. This means no wipes (even “flushable wipes”), no feminine products, no paper towels. We know, sometimes you run out of TP, but Don’t Do It!

If you have a toddler in the house, WATCH FOR SMALL TOYS IN THE BATHROOM! They can easily be thrown in the toilet by a toddler. Having a clogged sewer line can be avoided.

Clogged Sewer Line Cleanout

Unclog drain Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and Lake County

If several fixtures are either slow to drain or backing up with sewage, we recommend giving us a call right away. A sewer line cleanout may be needed. For those instances, we have the mechanical cabling machine or “snake” long enough to clear any stoppage.

Call Blue Collar Plumbing to unclog a drain or when sewer cleaning is needed. This is our specialty. Let us handle those messy jobs.

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